At the discretion of individual faculty, this site will temporarily have additional information for online, hybrid, and virtual courses.

Online & Hybrid Course Information

If you are considering or have already registered in an online or hybrid course, this site provides course descriptions, instructor contact information and resources. Instructors may also provide information regarding visits to campus, course expectations, and recommended skills. You must select a term and enter a 4 digit year. Next, select a course subject/prefix. You may enter a specific course number and section if you know it, but it’s not required.

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New to Online Courses?

Students who are new to online or hybrid learning should carefully consult these resources to review expectations during their online or hybrid courses and determine if they’re right for you.

What’s the difference between online and hybrid courses?

Online Courses

An online course uses a learning management system via the Internet to deliver content, facilitate communication (e.g. faculty-student and student-student), collect student work, and assess student performance.

Hybrid Courses

These courses have section numbers 350-399. In a hybrid course, face-to-face class sessions are reduced by providing a significant portion of the instruction in a learning management system via the Internet. Hybrid courses have learning activities that must be completed via the Internet as well as class sessions that require on-campus attendance.